CPN canvasses for adequate awareness on Child Right Law

The Lagos State chapter of the Child Protection Network, CPN, has admonished its members in the state to do more concerning awareness of Child Right Law within the state.

Speaking at the group’s first quarterly meeting in 2022, the state coordinator of the Child Right group, Mrs Roke Oyelakin said “Members must embrace total awareness of the Child Right Law as one of the tenets of the right group” adding that “fulfilling this, especially at the grassroot will help to curb the menace of child abuse

Meanwhile, the Deputy State coordinator of the group, Alhaji Lateef Akinborode, had warned the group members not to demand  financial gratification while discharging their duties, saying this may pull down their hard earn integrity.

“No member must demand for money while carrying out his or her roles and functions in this group. We must understand that this will pull us down. So, we must ensure that we are not lured to receive any financial compensation, especially from the people that violate Child Right Law.”

Akinborode who also highlighted some of the challenges of CPN in Lagos State, said some police divisions need to enlighten their men who sometimes prove difficult while dealing with CPN members.

He also tasked the Ministry of Youths and Social Development to do more, especially on provision of homes, lamenting that “The state government only has three homes. We need to meet with stakesholders like commissioner of police, MYSD”.

Meanwhile, one of the legal team members, Obi Amaka Aga, has tasked the Lagos State government to do more to encourage implementation of Child Right Law.

“Lagos state, we are very grateful to them. They are the pioneer state and goal getters. They are the front when being compared to other states in Nigeria. In Lagos state we are bit comfortable, when it comes to the laws that protect the rights of children. But the only problem we have is just the implementation, for having the laws, in fact Lagos has gotten to the state where they create special courts for children, so we are happy with Lagos state.

Also on her parts, Mrs Otitoloju Jumoke, a welfare officer of the group implored members of the group to do more to ensuring awareness is taken to taken to every nook and crannies of the state.“We need to know more about Child Right Law, we need to emphasize it, we need to create awareness on rights of children in our communities, which involves survival, their development,  protection  participation, because we have new NGOS coming in,  we need to enlighten them on the book which is the law of children, so  that anyone, any member does not go against the book. And that is the work of CPN


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